Pakefield Violins

A series of string-playing workshops held on Saturday mornings, free for current and former pupils to attend. Suitable for ages 6-60+. These workshops are open by invitation. Please get in touch if you would like to participate or observe.

Next workshops in 2016:

June 11th
June 25th
July 16th

10.20 arrive to tune for a 10.30 start. 
11.30 workshop ends. Please help yourselves to tea, sugar-free squash & snacks
12.00 close

Material Covered so far:
Blues on 2 (plus improvised copy-back section) 
Rock On - both by Peter Martin
Rock On Funky Town - Peter Martin/Lipsync arr Chloe Hillier & Jim O'Toole
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri arr Jim O'Toole
Somewhere over the Rainbow - from ABSRM Violin Grade 3 Syllabus 2016-19
Forbidden Rhythm - Kodaly game from
Ball Bounce - Olive Jenner's game for developing a strong sense of pulse
Twinkle Twinkle & Variations - S. Suzuki
Egg balancing - to improve posture
Pen top pinging - Olive Jenner's game to strengthen bowhold thumb

Many thanks to everyone who has donated, both cash and by helping out. 
3 of the 4 workshops so far have more than covered their costs, roughly breaking even overall which is excellent - thanks. I hope they remain both self-financing and non-profit making.  If we end up generating a surplus, I will use it to buy resources for the group and build up a bursary fund to assist families for whom meeting the cost of private lessons can be a stretch.

Your ideas are valuable! So far, nobody has submitted any! I leave a pad marked "ideas" by the donations box. What music do you like? What scares you? What's most fun? Boring? Useful? What annoying habits should I address? If you were in charge, what would you do differently? Your perceptions and ideas genuinely interest me, and will help make the workshops as good as they can be, so please share your thoughts and honest opinions, under the protection of anonymity!.

Please use your own judgement. Parents, relatives and friends of players are welcome to sit in as audience members and contribute ideas. I am happy to take responsibility for supervising children of any age who remain in the main hall for the duration of the workshop.  I completed child safeguarding training April 2013, and have current DBS clearance to work with children.  Please be aware that I don't ask for background checks on any observers or participants. The small hall, kitchen and loos are unsupervised. There are other keyholders to the building, who may be present, e.g. if the heating breaks down again.  If you have any concerns, please keep your children supervised, especially if they need to go into unsupervised areas.

The workshops are covered under Musician's Union Public Liability Insurance.  

Friends Mission Hall, St Georges Road, Pakefield

(I don't know why this comes out sideways. 
It isn't like that in real life)

Youtube links of repertoire coming soon